ViaGenetics Approach

ViaGenetics has had tremendous success blending together different domain expertise not traditionally used in medical research and drug development. (e.g. abstract relational theory, electrical engineering, computer science and artificial intelligence)

We have woven together four simple strategies (technology, science, intellectual property and monetization) to create a methodology and clear roadmap for building a successful company.

Technology Strategy


Our core belief is that no mutation is an island and all mutations have relations (“friends and family”). We design our technology to seek out these relationships and glean valuable insights along the way. From experience, results are best achieved with a collaborative approach that emphasizes silicon based research over wet research. The strategy has proven to reveal high probability targets.

ViaGenetics’ collaborative technology enables researchers to work more effectively, uncovering insights and forming valuable partnerships.

Science Strategy


The novel, promising insights derived from our technology identify broad areas of research. By partnering with top researchers in each respective field, we are able to connect researchers’ individual silos to form a “virtual science hub”. The hub shares knowledge to more effectively discover inter-connected solutions that address larger, unmet health issues.


These Field of Discovery Partnerships assist in both recognition of individual contributions and overall sharing in monetization.

Intellectual Property Strategy


Our intellectual property strategy starts with “first-to file” patent prosecution to protect very broad areas around our discoveries. In addition, we execute non-provisional, continuation, and continuation-in-part, patent filings on inventions (i.e. molecules and compounds.)


ViaGenetics identifies existing compounds already used to treat the “friends and families” of a defined mutation and simply repurpose them to meet our needs. By repurposing these compounds, we gain patented protection for seven years on said “new purpose.”


This creates a seven year runway for our researchers to optimize a new, more efficient molecule which creates a “new drug” patentable for 20 years.

Monetization Strategy


ViaGenetics’ overall methodology allows for early-stage, mid-stage and long-term revenue opportunities.


The identification and ”first-to-file” patent protection of biomarkers allows for early stage monetization, as does the development of diagnostics from said biomarker.


Mid-stage revenue from the repurposing of existing compounds can be generated in three ways:

  • Partnering with generic pharmaceutical companies to produce the drug
  • Sale of the drug to a pharmaceutical company
  • Licensing rights to produce the drug.


Long-term revenue is derived from newly developed molecules and the development of clinically tested, FDA approved therapeutics.


Our marketing and distribution strategy creates a paradigm shift for the drug industry. New drugs, produced cost-effectively by generic producers and marketed via social media can be distributed directly to the big three (CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid.) This will cover the vast majority of pharmacies and dramatically reducing costs every step of the way.

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