ViaGenetics® Intellectual Property

ViaGenetics has filed 24 first-to-file patent applications designed to protect broad areas surrounding our discoveries and development of diagnostics and therapies.

Richard Postrel, Tony Barkume and George Jones lead our intellectual property team.


Their combined expertise and systematic approach to patent development has historically resulted in an extremely high success rate.

Application #15/222,955


Filed – 07-29-2016

Mitochondrial Balancing Method for Medical Treatment

Application #62/482,192


Filed – 04-06-2017

Facile Method of Diagnosing, Reversing and Monitoring Cells Expressing Misdirected Metabolisms

Application #62/510,442


Filed – 05-24-2017

Method for Producing Synthetic Vaccines for Rapid Response and High Volume Capacity

Application #62/540,833


Filed – 08-03-2017

Managing Intercellular Communications

Application #62/551,748


Filed – 08-29-17

Method and System for the Diagnosis, Prevention or Treatment of Alzheimer's and Related Disease by Measuring, Inhibiting or Arresting Amyloid Plaque Development

Application #15/713,627


Filed – 09-23-2017

Optimized Solution for the Treatment of Alzheimer's, Stroke, Cardiovascular and other Amyloid Related Diseases

Application #62/595,043


Filed – 12-05-17

Directing Cancer Cells to Self- Destruct Through Vectoring Engineered Viruses

Application #62/625,962


Filed – 02-02-18

Leveraging Genomic, Phenotypic and Pharmacological Data to Cure Disease

Application #62/460,997


Filed – 02-20-2017

System and Method for Targeting and Destroying Cancerous and Pre-Cancerous Cells Through Heat Signatures and Other Biomarkers

Application #62/504,850


Filed – 05-11-2017

Primary Methods and Processes for Life Extension

Application #62/529,551


Filed – 07-07-2017

Methods and Systems for Cell-to-Cell Restoration Therapy using Subcellular Transactions

Application #62/545,740


Filed – 08-15-2017

Synthetic Smart Membrane for Surgical and Post-Surgical Wound Treatment

Application #62/553,801


Filed – 09-02-17

Method and Treatment for Arresting Arthritis, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis and other Inflammatory/Autoimmune Conditions Arising from CLEC16A Dysfunctioning

Application #15/719,322


Filed – 09-28-17

A Method for Rapid High Volume Production of Synthetic Vaccines

Application #62/609,384


Filed – 12-22-17

Reversing Baldness Through Follicle Re-Animation


Application #PCT/US18/18650


Filed – 02-20-18

Method for Precise Identification, Targeting and Delivery of Directed Therapies for Destruction of Cancerous Cells

Application #62/464,165


Filed – 02-27-2017

Treating Alzheimer’s Disease by Rebalancing Mitochondrial Metabolism

Application #62/510,268


Filed – 05-23-2017

System and Method for Native Protein Production as Required

Application #62/537,031


Filed – 07-26-2017

Methods and Systems for Cell-to-Cell Restoration (Anti-Aging and Disease Prevention) Therapy Using Subcellular Transactions

Application #62/551,273


Filed – 08-29-2017

Process and Method for Hyper-

Nanotube Development to Improve and Accelerate Healing and Wound Management

Application #15/712,985


Filed – 09-22-2017

Optimized Solution for the Treatment of Alzheimer's, Stroke, Cardiovascular and other Amyloid Related Diseases

Application #15/808,563


Filed – 11-09-17

System and Method for Managing All Cancers by Disabling the Cancer Cells Ability to Reproduce

Application #15/880,527


Filed – 01-25-18

Universal, Non-Invasive, Early Detection System for Cancers

Application #15/913,983


Filed – 03-07-18

System and Method for Arresting Dehibilitating Migraine Events

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