The world's first genomic search engine, connects researchers worldwide  to help them manage, analyze and share their data.


Whether you chose our full End-to-End Discovery Solution which includes sequencing services or you already have your data - raw or in a VCF file - the upload process is very simple. Small data sets are uploaded via a Command Line Interface while larger projects will utilize our automated data transfer process.  Our GENESIS pipeline takes care of the heavy lifting of bioinformatics and gets your data into GENESIS for easy and simplified analysis. From there you can set up virtual laboratories, create projects, organize and view your data easily. GENESIS reduces overhead costs, eliminates bottlenecks and dramatically increases productivity.



You can quickly sift through massive sets of human genome variation without bioinformatics knowledge. The GENESIS platform has organized and restructured over 160 variant annotation sources to allow easy searching and narrowing down your search of human variation. GENESIS tools take care of Mendelian segregation within families, calculate alleles across groups of families, report detailed counts for case/control studies, identify cancer specific variation, and much more. This all happens in real-time over nearly unlimited data sizes. That means you're testing hypotheses in seconds, not hours or days. This collapses the time to discovery dramatically.



Break out of your silo and begin collaborating with other experts around the world. You can make your data discoverable or share it selectively with other researchers through virtual co-laboratories. GENESIS allows you to find and combine datasets to increase your power in discovering novel disease associated variation. This is particularly important for rare diseases. Matching families with novel disease genes across the globe is effortless in GENESIS, as validated by over 75 gene discoveries in the past few years. We have learned, that the more you share the more competitive you will be with your studies.

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