End-to-End Cancer Solution:

A Universal Cancer Therapy by 2022

ViaGenetics has engineered a novel approach to ending all cancers with early, non-invasive detection and a simple injection that will identify, target and treat cancerous cells – regardless of the type or location of the cancer.

Early Detection


Canines can detect the presence of cancer, through odor, in a urine sample. We can mimic this process, digitally, using nanotechnology sensors giving us a detection method that only requires a blood or urine sample.

Cell Targeting


Mitochondria, the energy centers of cells, give off heat. Mitochondria in cancerous cells have a higher heat signature than healthy cells, as well as a different pH level. This will allow us to precisely identify all cancerous cells in the body.

Cell Treatment


A simple injection can attach a retrovirus to the previously identified cancer cells and either fix or eliminate that cell without any damage to surrounding cells. Using the bloodstream allows us to reach any cell including beyond the blood-brain barrier.

Major Tenets of ViaGenetics Approach



ViaGenetics methodology of detecting and targeting cancer cells uses a heat differential that exists in mitochondria of cancer cells due to their higher metabolic rate.


Researchers, using fluorescent dyes, have recently shown mitochondria operate at 6º-10ºc hotter than the rest of the cell – a shocking 50ºc (122ºf.)


FDA Approved:


ViaGenetics believes cancers must be identified by the genetic makeup of the tumor and the presence or absence of key biomarkers. Not by location of origin (e.g. breast, lung, colon, etc.)


For the first time, the FDA approved a cancer treatment based on a common biomarker rather than the location where the tumor originated.

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