Improving Health Care Through Genomics

ViaGenetics tools and methods help researchers and clinicians collaborate, share data and make genomic discoveries faster and easier.


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Analyze Your Genomic

Data in Real-Time

Manage, analyze and share your data on our Genesis 2.0 platform.


Selectively collaborate with hundreds of genetic researchers worldwide.


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Complete End-to-End Discovery Solution

ViaGenetics provides a seamless, streamlined process that includes full genome sequencing from DNA sample acquisition to sequenced data generation, analysis, reporting and sharing.


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ViaGenetics provides its technologies free of charge to not-for-profit researchers through its charity, The Genesis Project.


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Our Pipeline

of Innovation

ViaGenetics worldwide network of researchers creates an ongoing pipeline of innovation and investment opportunities.


Field of Discovery Partnerships permit investment in patentable bio-markers, methods and compounds, diagnostic tools, theraputic tratments and more.


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